Canterbury & District Angling Association

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A note to all members: A marker/spod/spomb rod counts towards your rod entitlement as per rule 18i.

The whole of Stour Lake is available for fishing and all but a small section of Trenley Lake, which is clearly marked with notices in the Southeast corner of the lake The only access to both waters is from the Fordwich car park. Having parked their cars, members may then follow the footpath adjacent to the river for about half a mile. At the end of Fordwich Lake members will come to the Trout Pool with Trenley Lake to the right and by continuing along the river bank for a quarter mile will find Stour Lake.

Since the acquisition of these two lakes a great deal of work has been carried out to improve both the banks and the fishing. Landscaping and tree planting as well as improvements to swims and an extensive fish-stocking programme have resulted in the lakes being not only pleasant to fish but also very productive.

A record haul of bream was netted from Stour Lake at the start of the 2001/2002 season totalling nearly 500lbs.