Canterbury & District Angling Association

Please note, the Riversdale office will be closed from Monday 16th to Friday 27th September 2019 inclusive. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Due to a local outbreak of K.H.V. no keepnets to be used on any still waters. Dip tanks are in place on all stillwaters. Nets, mats and slings MUST be dipped (FULLY immersed) for a minimum of 15 minutes. Keep nets are allowed on the River Stour (only) from the start of the river season.

Wacher Cup

20th July 2019

Spectacular weights were recorded at the Wacher Cup with Steve West lifting this season’s trophy with an incredible 192lb 4oz of bream and two tench. Twelve anglers fished the night-time competition at Trenley Lake and Stour Lake.

Steve drew last place in the ‘walk off’ but despite this apparent drawback he went on to find a secluded swim following the draw at 6.30pm, with his record-breaking catch all taken between 8pm and 8am on Sunday morning. In what is believed to be the heaviest weight ever recorded for the match, Steve fished from the Trenley ‘deeps’ and set about his marvellous catch as soon as the starting whistle was blown.

Second place went to Steve’s son (our Competition Secretary) Dan West who also broke records with his 147lb 4oz of bream taken from Stour Lake. The conditions were described as good with a light wind. A mixture of feeder-fished baits of pellets, maggots, worm and sweetcorn accounted for all the fish caught on this memorable night.

In a real family affair brothers Clive and Tony Eversfield were third and fourth. Clive, with another magnificent weight of 118lb 7oz fished from the Trenley deeps to catch his all bream haul while Tony bagged up on bream and a few tench also at Trenley to weigh in 116lb 6oz. Fifth placed Trevor Baker fished at Stour Lake and banked 63lb 10oz of bream.

Stonar Charity Shield

5th-7th July 2019

The Stonar Charity Shield was won by Mick Small with a 20lb 1oz carp just ahead of second placed Brian Martin with exactly 20lb.

The competition is open to members and non members of the CDAA and the Shield is awarded for the largest fish caught over the weekend.

Dave Smissen and Liam Honey shared third spot with both men reeling in an 18lb fish.

Goldsmith Cup

13th July 2019

Only two anglers fished the 2019 Goldsmith Cup for junior anglers held at Trenley Lake.

Adam Matthews was the winner with a great weight of 11lb 11oz. Adam caught a bream on his feeder-rod and went on to land several more roach and rudd using a float rod with a waggler.

Phoenix Minter was the runner up with 3lb 15oz of roach and rudd skilfully caught on a pole with well presented baits.

Baldwin Cup 2019

29th June 2019

Thirty seven anglers fished for this season’s Baldwin Cup held at Fordwich and Stour lakes.

Fishing in Stour Lake, Mick Wilson lifted this year’s Cup with two carp for a grand total of 24lb 5oz. Steve Simmons caught the heaviest fish of the match, a fine 17lb 7oz carp, which was enough to secure second place ahead of a 16lb 6oz mirror carp landed by Charlie Goldsworth for third spot.

Sadly none of the juniors caught tench or carp with Henry Weir catching a good bream of 5lb 4oz which didn’t count in the carp and tench only overnight match.

Bateman Cup

10th March 2019

The last competition of the season for the Bateman Cup was fished at Trenley and Stour lakes. At the 3.30pm finish Tony Eversfield was the clear winner with nineteen bream for a tremendous 89lb 8oz. Tony’s haul was taken from the first spit-swim down on the Trenley Lake side of Stour Lake.

Sixteen anglers braved the wild and windy conditions. Those fishing Trenley were generally sheltered and the anglers in Stour struggled to cast into the wind and with choppy conditions it made for a difficult competition although the end results showed that Stour Lake was the most productive.

Andy King had the best weight from Trenley Lake and caught nine bream for 39lb 9oz and second place. Association Competition Secretary Dan West struggled through the conditions at Stour Lake and hooked five bream for 25lb 10oz and third spot. Stour also hosted Anthony Lavender who was fourth with 17lb 10oz comprising of four bream.

A single bream of 4lb 15oz was enough to secure Glen Brett fifth position from Trenley Lake where Adam Matthews won the Junior Competition with 2lb 14oz of small roach. Adam fished very well to also finish sixth overall.

Saunders Cup

10th February 2019

The Association held their annual Saunders Cup competition in February at Grove Ferry’s North Bank with the river very high and coloured following heavy rainfall.

Only nine anglers braved the conditions at the 9.30am start and the 2019 cup was lifted by Dan West with 6lb 2oz. Dan’s haul comprised one bream and twenty roach.

Second place was shared by Dan Boden and Mick Wilson with 5lb 6oz. Dan had a good bream and a few roach while Mick reeled in two big skimmer bream and some more roach.

A 2lb 9oz all-roach catch gave Steve Foreman fourth spot at the 3pm final whistle. Most of the competitors weighed fish in despite the conditions and the area of ‘slacker’ water near the sluice proved the most fruitful. No junior anglers took part in this season’s Saunders Cup.

Christmas Shield

16th December 2018

After a very wet and cold couple of days the weather improved for the Association’s Christmas Shield held at Cottington lakes in Deal.

Twenty four anglers were at the 8am draw held in the cafe and fishing on Black Lake for silver fish was from 9.30am to 3pm.

Alan Smith lifted this year’s Shield with 18lb 5oz of mostly skimmer bream, with fish to 2lb 8oz. Second placed Steve Foreman, like the winner, also fished with a pole to land 15lb ahead of third place Ian Ritchie with 13lb 11oz.

The cold rain the previous day made fishing harder than normal although Trevor Lee was narrowly behind Ian Ritchie with another good weight of 13lb 5oz to finish fourth despite Black Lake’s very cold water. Adam Matthews secured another top junior win with 6oz.

Cooke Pike Cup

18th November 2018

Eight anglers braved the cold to fish this season’s Cooke Pike Cup held at Fordwich and Trenley lakes. Junior angler Henry Weir was the overall winner with a fine brace of pike totalling 25lb 8oz.

Henry’s fish of 14lb and 11lb 8oz were caught in Trenley Lake from where his dad, our Bailiff, Jon Weir also bagged two more for second spot with 10lb 8oz comprising fish of 6lb 8oz and 4lb.

Third place (and winner of the junior competition) was Gareth Todd fishing in Fordwich Lake with three jack-pike for 8lb 11oz.

Match Group Cup

11th November 2018

Showery weather and rising river levels were the themes of this season’s Match Group Cup fished at Grove Ferry’s north bank, upstream and downstream of the bridge.

The conditions were less than ideal but at the 3pm finish, Steve Foreman was the clear winner with nine good bream to 6lb in a very fine winning total of 32lb 15oz. Fishing from the end peg upstream Steve feeder-fished worm to secure the Cup.

Nineteen anglers took part and from the end peg downstream Dan Boden caught 8lb 1oz of small roach to finish second in the five and a half hour match.

Another roach bag of 5lb gave Paul Prigg third spot while Dave Parker finished fourth with one weighty bream and a few smaller fish totalling 3lb 10oz. Adam Matthews was the winner of the junior match with 1lb.

Wacher Cup

22nd September 2018

During the summer the Wacher Cup competition was postponed due to the warm water temperatures and low dissolved oxygen levels at that time.

The conditions improved and the overnight match was fished in September with Mick Wilson lifting this year’s cup having caught 77lb of fish.

The weather was very wet but conditions were perfect. Ten anglers fished but only four weighed in with the fish proving tricky to catch for most. 55lb 12oz was more than enough to secure second place for Andy King ahead of Ian Ritchie with 38lb 8oz for third.

In last year’s competition Steve West caught 71lb 8oz to finish second and this year Steve was fourth with 16lb 11oz.

All the weights came from the far end of Trenley Lake ‘deeps’ and comprised of bream with a few tench. Feeder-fished maggots and pellets were the successful methods used.

Ron Edwards Roach Competition

14th October 2018

Fifteen anglers fished this seasons Ron Edwards Roach Competition in unseasonably mild conditions. The match was fished on the River Stour at Grove Ferry, up and downstream of the bridge on the north bank.

The top three weights were very close and Trevor Baker won by just one ounce with 16lb 2oz ahead of Alan Smith who weighed in 16lb 1oz for second and third place was secured with 14lb 13oz by Steve West. The winner of the junior competition was Adam Matthews with 9oz.

Open Competition

2nd September 2018

Forty anglers from across Kent took part in this year’s Association Open Competition fished on the River Stour at Grove Ferry and Plucks Gutter.

First place with a fantastic 32lb 4oz was Kevin Dyer with roach and skimmer bream caught upstream at Grove Ferry from peg 14, close to the end peg. Fishing at Plucks Gutter Tony Crossley landed 27lb 7oz for second. A total of 21lb 11oz gave Peter Groombridge third from the Grove Ferry Picnic Site ahead of fourth place Ian Ritchie who fished in the swim next to the match winner at Grove Ferry to land 16lb 6oz.

Section winners were Nigel Mills at ‘A Section’ Plucks Gutter (peg 1) with 16lb 3oz; Trevor Wild at ‘E Section’ Grove Ferry Boards (peg 15) with 15lb 10oz including several good bream and Dave Roberts at ‘F Section’ Grove Ferry Picnic Site (peg 12) with 15lb 10oz.

Top junior was Adam Matthews with 1lb 15oz and the ‘Team of Four’ competition was won by ‘Kev’s Four’ with 64lb 4oz just ahead of ‘Tonbridge Superstars’ with another tremendous total of 61lb 7oz.

A perfect tide running out all day with good conditions generally allowed for good float presentation and a total of 366lb of fish caught. Each angler caught fish with an average of 9lb 3oz per competitor.

Blundell Cup

Fifteen anglers fished this season’s Blundell Cup with Andy King proving victorious having landed eleven bream and a tench for 34lb 14oz. Andy fished from a swim at the far end of the Trenley Lake deeps, as did second placed Colin Durman with 12lb 13oz comprising four bream and another single tench.

Most anglers fished on the bottom of the lake with a feeder set-up, but Jim Presley opted to fish a whip to hook 11lb of small fish and skilfully secure third spot. The top junior was Gareth Todd with several small rudd and roach for a good total of 2lb 3oz.

Conditions were ideal, mostly overcast with a slight ripple on the water, but the bream seemed to be in one area only throughout the match. Most of the competitors caught but lots tipped back having just taken a few small fish.

Stonar Charity Shield

Twenty four pairs fished this year’s Stonar Charity Shield held at the Association’s Stonar Lake in Sandwich. The competition is open to members and non members of the CDAA and the Shield is awarded for the largest fish caught over the weekend.

This year’s winners were Skip Knight and partner Noddy with a fine 26lb mirror carp beating D. Smissen and his partner with a 23lb 14oz mirror carp for second place. Darren Offen and his partner were narrowly beaten into third spot with another big mirror of 23lb 12oz, just two ounces behind.

The superb weather lasted all weekend with the competition held from 6pm on Friday to 10am on Sunday. Top junior was Henry Weir with three carp, his heaviest weighing 10lb 8oz.

A total of just over £4,000 was raised for the Pilgrims Hospice after another successful Charity Shield competition.

Goldsmith Cup

Only three competitors took part in this year’s Goldsmith Cup for junior anglers fished at Trenley Lake in sweltering conditions.

Following her win in last year’s match with 20lb 15oz Hanna Boden landed 7lb 11oz this year for another Goldsmith Cup spectacular win despite the challenging conditions.

As well as the very hot and sunny weather attendance was probably down because of the World Cup Final later that afternoon. At the 1pm whistle Adam had hooked 4lb 5oz and James 5oz for second and third places.

Baldwin Cup

The first of this season’s competitions was held at Fordwich and Stour lakes for the Baldwin Cup.

The winner was Stuart White with a fine 21lb 12oz carp narrowly beating Gavin Stewart who landed a carp and a tench for a total of 21lb 3oz and second place.

Carp and tench are the only fish allowed to be weighed in during the 12 hour overnight match and a single carp of 12lb 13oz was more than good enough to earn Ady Minter third spot ahead of Ben Johnson in fourth with an 11lb 14oz mirror carp.

All the winning weights were landed by anglers on Fordwich Lake including Association junior Phoenix Minter who carefully netted a 4lb 5oz tench during the last five minutes of the competition to clinch the top junior place.

Thirty three anglers fished including four juniors and those drawing pegs on Stour Lake noted the fishing was particularly difficult with the fish in isolated areas of the lake.