Canterbury & District Angling Association

Due to a local outbreak of K.H.V. no keepnets to be used on any still waters. Dip tanks are in place on all stillwaters. Nets, mats and slings MUST be dipped (FULLY immersed) for a minimum of 15 minutes. Keep nets are allowed on the River Stour (only) from the start of the river season.

1. Fishing Seasons

    Game fishing:
  • Migratory Trout and Salmon – 1stMay to 29thOctober.
  • Brown Trout – 3rdApril to 31stOctober.
  • Rainbow Trout - All year
    Coarse fishing:
  • Littlebourne, Minster, and Stonar Lakes, all year fishing.
  • Pike – Lakes and River, 1stOctober to 14thMarch.
  • Fordwich Lakes, 8pm 15thJune to 8pm 14thMarch.
  • River, 16thJune to 14thMarch.

All dates are inclusive.

2. Limitations:

No fish are to be removed from or introduced to Association waters or moved between without the prior consent of the Committee. To do so is an offence and will result in loss of membership.

3. Waters.

  1. Waters reserved for the exclusive use of the Fly Fishing Section: River Stour, White Mill Pool to Fordwich Bridge and Black Mill Pool to Fordwich Bridge. Subject also to Fly Section byelaws.
  2. Members may fish the River from Fordwich car park to Plucks Gutter for Brown Trout from 3rd April to 31st October with artificial fly only. All Trout must be returned.
  3. The Trout Pool is stocked with Trout and fishing is by artificial fly only. Fishing is available to all members by purchasing in advance a permit, the price of such permit to be fixed by the Committee. Byelaws governing the water are available on request from Headquarters and issued with each permit.
    Limitation – The number of trout that can be taken is shown on the ticket.
  4. Waters available for coarse fishing: River Stour downstream from Fordwich Bridge, north bank until Fordwich Lake car park, then both banks to the site of the old Bailey bridge (see note in byelaw 3b above). River Stour, both banks, from the site of the Bailey bridge downstream to Plucks Gutter. Little Stour, north bank between Blue Bridge and Plucks Gutter. Fordwich Lake. Trenley Lake. Stour Lake. Stonar Lake. Minster Lakes (Jade and Brook Lakes). Littlebourne Lakes (Birch, Pump House, Grove Lake and Bramble Lakes) . Fishing in Fordwich Lake is restricted to local members only.

4. Visiting Groups and Clubs.

Visitor tickets are available to outside groups or clubs wishing to fish matches on the River Stour. Such visitors can only fish designated sections of water and cannot displace members fishing when they arrive.

Pre-booking only with deposit through Headquarters.

4a Guest Tickets.

Adult members can purchase up to 4 Guest Tickets per season, not more than 2 per day, at a cost of £10 per adult and £5 per junior under 12 years free. The member must purchase these 7 days in advance. Guests must live outside the local postal code area (CT1-CT21 incl. ME13 and TN25), fish next to the member who will be responsible for the guest conforming to the bye –laws. Guest tickets are not available for Fordwich Lake or the Fly Section.

Guest tickets are available for the trout pool on payment of the additional fee.

5. Competitions are arranged at the discretion of the Committee.

6. Only specifically designed green angler’s bivvies may be used. No tents may be erected on any of the Fisheries. Bivvies must not encroach onto pathways or tracks.

7. No fires are allowed on any Fisheries. Anglers must not create excessive light or noise whilst fishing Association waters.

8. Carp Fishing:

  1. All carp must be returned to the water as soon as possible after weighing and witnessing and may only be retained in a carp sack for these purposes for a maximum period of thirty minutes. No keepnets are to be used for carp in any circumstances.
  2. Bent hook rigs are not permitted.
  3. Anglers are not permitted to be absent from their peg/swim for more than 2 hours. Anglers found to be away from their swim for more than 2 hours will forfeit that swim at the discretion of the venue bailiff.
  4. If carp anglers share a double swim a maximum of 2 rods per angler will be permitted.

9. Care of Fish.

  1. Only knotless keep nets and knotless landing nets may be used for fishing on Association waters. Keepnets must be a minimum of 3m in length and a minimum of 45cm x 35cm in cross section if rectangular, or a minimum of 45cm in diameter if circular. Only keepnets with “fish safe bottom” sections are acceptable.
  2. Unhooking mats must be visible on the bank ready to use, these mats must be specialist unhooking mats of a suitable size and must be used when any fish is held out of the water.
  3. Landing nets must be used to assist the landing of fish over 6”/150mm.
  4. (E) Any method of fishing that is likely to damage or endanger the fish is unacceptable. (Warnings will be given by bailiffs who will advise on unacceptable tackle).

10. Retention of Fish:

  1. Fish, with the exception of those listed in 10b below may only be kept in keep nets for a maximum of 12 hours
  2. Carp, Pike, Barbel and Grayling must not be retained in keep nets.

11. Pike Fishing Tackle

  1. Suitable tackle for pike Rod minimum 2lb test curve, line minimum15lbs BS, trace minimum 18” length and minimum 20lb (traces should be inspected for damage). Treble hooks, barbless or partially de-barbed maximum size 4.
  2. Suitable size landing net 35” across the arms (triangular), 30”diameter(circular), large and small artery forceps and wire cutters.
  3. Audio/visual bite detection capable of showing runs or drop back bites immediately the pike picks up the bait or otherwise stated.
  4. Live baits not more than 6” in length may be used, lip hooked using one treble hookonly. Live bait must be caught from the water in which they are to be used and must be returned at the end of the days fishing, having been retained for no more than 12 hours.
  5. Night fishing for pike is not permitted on any Association Waters.
  6. A large weigh sling must be used when weighing pike.

12. General Conduct

  1. The Committee reserves the right to close sections of the river or lakes to members.
  2. It is the responsibility of members to see that there is no litter in the swim in which they are fishing. Members found with litter in their swim are liable to have their membership withdrawn.
  3. Audio/visual equipment must not be played to the disturbance of others
  4. (E) Membership cards must be available for inspection by Association Bailiffs at all times. Association Bailiffs reserve the right to inspect tackle and bait used and members must comply with any such request.
  5. No swimming or boating is permitted on any Association fishery.
  6. All access gates must be closed and locked upon entry or exit at all times.

13. Vehicle Access.

  1. Vehicles must be left in designated car parks with stickers displayed. Members using Association car parks and access roads do so at their own risk.
  2. Bicycles must not be ridden on any part of the Fordwich Lake complex.
  3. Vehicles must not exceed 5mph on access roads.

14. Access to the Lakes/River on the south bank at Fordwich is via Fordwich Lake car park only.

15. All firearms, weapons or instruments used for discharging missiles with the exception of bait throwers and catapults are prohibited on all Association Waters unless authorised by the Committee. Boilie launchers using compression and bait boats are forbidden.

16. Fishery Restrictions:

  1. Fishing is allowed only at the numbered swims between the boats on the north bank at Grove Ferry and adjacent to “Riverscroft” on the south bank and only from 1st October to 14th March.
  2. Junior members must when night fishing be accompanied by a fully paid up adult member (a person over 18 years old). The person supervising must be in the same or adjacent swim. Student members age 16 or over may night fish on their own. The hours to determine night fishing are sunset to sunrise. Juniors are restricted to the use of 2 rods.
  3. No Trout or Halibut derived baits of any type including soft and hard pellets may be used as hook baits or for loose feeding on any Association Lake. Ground bait is permitted at Littlebourne lakes to maximum of 2kg per day per angler Barbless or flattened barb hooks only to be used on Littlebourne and Minster Lakes. A maximum ledger weight of ½ oz is allowed on the Littlebourne and Minster Lakes. Anglers are restricted to a maximum of 7 days fishing in any 10 days on Stonar and Fordwich. Anglers are restricted to a maximum of 48 hours fishing in any 72 hours on Littlebourne and Minster.
  4. For coarse fishing a maximum of 2 rods may be used providing they are both within arm’s reach of the angler. Unattended rods must be withdrawn from the water. A third rod is allowed for an additional charge of 50% of the full membership rate. A marker rod counts as one of the rods being used.
  5. Members may not occupy swims on Association Waters more than 5 hours before the start of the season, with the exception of members who have attended at least four working parties during The preceding close season, who may move into swims 12 hours before the commencement of the season.
  6. Boat moorings. Members must not fish from or over moored boats nor must they move boats nor interfere with mooring lines other than with their own boats.
  7. No rods or fishing tackle are to be taken on to the Fordwich Lakes or River for any reason during the relevant close seasons.
  8. Members are asked to record the details of their catch on a specimen slip (supplied), this will help determine the stock present in the lake and will allow the Committee to judge future stocking policy.
  9. Motor assisted barrows must be hand held, pulled or pushed only. No ride on devices are permitted. Mobility scooters may be used by disabled blue badge holders only.
  10. No soiling of any kind is permitted on Association waters. You must use the toilets Provided.
  11. Bio–security: All nets, mats and slings must be dipped in the chemical dip tanks provided for the minimum time stated. You will lose your membership if you do not adhere to this rule.
  12. Carp fishing is allowed on Stour and Trenley Lakes except that the North bank of Trenley Lake is reserved for course fishing.
  13. Obey all rules and bye-laws or you will forfeit your membership.

Quick Reference Guide To Byelaws Covering C&DAA Lakes

The following are for easy reference for members for specific waters. General bye-laws apply to all. In case of mismatches please refer to the book.


  1. Bent Hook Rigs ARE NOT permitted.
  2. Landing Nets MUST be used to assist the landing of all fish over 6”- 150mm.
    Minimum size landing net must be 24” or 600mm.
    Unhooking mats MUST be used at all times.
  3. Keepnets ARE NOT ALLOWED. All fish MUST be returned to the water as soon as possible.
  4. Vehicles MUST be left in recognised car parks or designated areas with current membership parking sticker displayed.
  5. NO boilies, nuts, pop ups, oily pellets or trout and halibut pellets to be used including soft or hard pellets for bait, hook or loose feeding.
  6. Ground bait is only allowed in a feeder, potting in by pole cup, via pva bag or trickle feeding by hand. STRICTLY NO SPOD OR SPOMB.
  7. BARBLESS hooks only to be used.
  8. Anglers are restricted to 48 HOURS continuous fishing in any 72 HOUR PERIOD.
  9. A Maximum of two rods can be used. They must be within easy reach of the angler. A marker rod counts as one of the rods being used. UNATTENDED rods must be withdrawn from the water.
  10. Tackle used when fishing the lakes must be lightweight outfits.
    Maximum test curve rod 2.5lbs.
    Maximum breaking strain line 12lbs.
    Maximum weight size ½oz.
  11. Bramble Lake and Pumphouse Lake STRICTLY Float Fishing Only.
    No Polaris floats, No Float Ledgering. Surface fishing is Permitted. No Night Fishing. Night fishing is defined as 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise.
  12. NEW – No casting beyond halfway, on any lake except Pumphouse Lake. At all times do not affect anglers fishing on the opposite bank.
  13. The toilet provided must be used and kept in a clean and acceptable condition.
  14. All fish are to be returned to the water safely.
  15. Bio-Security: All Nets, Mats and Slings must be dipped in the Chemical Dip tanks provided for the minimum time stated on all lakes.


  1. Bent Hook Rigs ARE NOT Permitted.
  2. Landing Nets MUST be used to assist the landing of all fish over 6” or 150mm.
    Minimum size landing net MUST be 24” or 600mm.
    Unhooking mats MUST be used at all times.
  3. NO Trout or Halibut derived baits of any type may be used at any time.
  4. Anglers are restricted to a Maximum of 7 DAYS FISHING IN ANY 10 DAYS.
  5. Vehicles must be left in the designated car parks with CDAA Membership Sticker clearly displayed. Members using Association car parks and roads do so at their own risk.
  6. For Coarse Fishing a maximum of 2 Rods may be used providing they are both within easy reach of the Angler. Unattended Rods must be withdrawn from the Water. A Third Rod is allowed for an additional charge of 50% of the full membership rate. A Marker Spod Rod counts as one of the Rods being used.
  7. No Rods or Fishing Tackle can be taken on to the Fordwich Lakes or River during the relevant close season.
  8. The toilet supplied must be used and kept in an acceptable condition.
  9. All fish are to be returned to the Water Safely.
  10. Bio-Security; All Nets, Mats and Slings must be dipped in the Chemical Dip tanks provided for the minimum time stated on all lakes.