Canterbury & District Angling Association

After receiving feedback from members regarding the change made to Byelaw 16e) during last season, the Committee has agreed to revert to the original wording, changing only the number of qualifying work parties to make it easier for those members with time restraints to book a place in the draw. Bye-law 16e) will now read:

Members may not occupy swims on Association Waters more than 5 hours before the start of the season except that where members have completed at least three approved working parties they may occupy swims no more than 12 hours before the start of the season.

Renewal Reminders are currently being sent out to last year’s members, to renew memberships for the current season, please check you have the green topped card for 2019

Due to a local outbreak of K.H.V. no keepnets to be used on any still waters. Dip tanks are in place on all stillwaters. Nets, mats and slings MUST be dipped (FULLY immersed) for a minimum of 15 minutes. Keep nets are allowed on the River Stour (only) from the start of the river season.












STUDENT (15-17)





£24.25 (16-17)

JUNIOR (12-14)

















£12.75 (16-17)







*You must be 16 and over to hold a third rod licence.

Membership Details

Ordinary and Non-Voting Membership is available on payment of a joining fee and annual subscription. For new members the first year is a probationary period, unless proposed by two current members. There are concessions for Registered Disabled, Students, Juniors, Families, State Pensioners and Partners. When partners and, or children of an adult member join there is no requirement for an extra joining fee, if more than one child joins then a 10% reduction will apply to the total family annual subscription. Partners of State Pensioners must also be of State Pension age for the joining fee to be waived. Membership for children under the age of 12 is free, but they must be accompanied by an adult, while on Association property. Members aged 16 and over may night fish, they may also use a third rod on Stonar, Fordwich, Trenley and Stour Lakes on payment of an additional subscription. A second EA rod licence is also needed for a third rod.

Most car parks are gated and locked at all times and a small charge is made for keys. There is an extra gated car park for disabled members on the Fordwich complex and special keys are available only on production of a “Blue Badge”. All Members are provided with a car park permit which must be displayed when parked in Association car parks.

Application can be made by post, in addition to a completed application form and a cheque for the appropriate amount, a passport style photo is also required so that an ID card and rule book can be provided. Proof of Residency will be required in the form of Utility Bill/s or Driving Licence (photocopies acceptable if sending by post).

Payments can be made at Headquarters during office hours by Cheque, Cash, Credit or Debit Card on completion of an application form and provision of an ID photo. Membership may be deferred by advanced payment of a retaining fee of £20. Future membership can be resumed on payment of the current annual subscription. Renewals can also be made by phone. Fishing on Fordwich Lake is only available to Local Members, defined as those living within the areas CT1 to 21, ME13 and TN25 postcodes.

All members with the exception of children under 12 must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod Fishing Licence. These are available from the Environment Agency by direct debit, at Post Offices and online but beware of sites other than the Post Office as they charge a large handling fee.

Download application form (word document)

Download application form (pdf)


It is now possible to purchase a badge like the one in the picture from the main office for £2. If you do not know where the main office is, please look at the contact page. Click on the image below for a closer view.