Canterbury & District Angling Association

Due to a local outbreak of K.H.V. no keepnets to be used on any still waters. Dip tanks are in place on all stillwaters. Nets, mats and slings MUST be dipped (FULLY immersed) for a minimum of 15 minutes. Keep nets are allowed on the River Stour (only) from the start of the river season.

Ron Edwards Roach Competition

11th October 2020

Eighteen anglers fished this season’s Ron Edwards Roach
Competition held on the River Stour at Grove Ferry, up and
downstream of the bridge, on the north bank.

The conditions were perfect, and it fished very well throughout the
match with most competitors recording double-figure catches.

First place went to Alan Cain with 17lb 11oz ahead of Mick Wilson
with second spot and 16lb 6oz. All the anglers fished with either a
stick float or whip. Maggot and hemp were the successful baits.

Close behind with 16lb 4oz gave Steve West third and fourth-
placed Glenn Brett with another great weight of 15lb 12oz.

At the 3.30pm finish, Phoenix Minter won the junior competition
with a fine weight of 9lb 1oz. Phoenix’s tally included a quality
roach of 1lb.

Blundell Cup

16th August 2020

This season’s Blundell Cup was contested by twenty five anglers
spread across Trenley and Stour lakes.

The winner was Kevin Dyer with a very fine 13lb 7oz of roach all
taken on the pole from the far end of the Trenley ‘deeps’ or north
bank. Dave Wells drew a peg on Stour Lake and caught 10lb 15oz
of skimmer bream and one larger ‘slab’ with a pole to secure
second place ahead of Alan Smith on Trenley Lake with 10lb 3oz
for third.

The conditions were flat calm for most of the day however during
the last hour of the match the sky became very overcast and
heavy rain fell but thankfully dried up for the weigh in at 3.30pm.
Top junior was Adam Matthews with 3lb 7oz ahead of Phoenix
Minter with 1lb 10oz. Both Adam and Phoenix hooked all-roach
bags using float fished tactics.

Wacher Cup

25th and 26th July 2020

An overcast and wet day preceded a similar evening at Trenley
and Stour lakes but that did not deter fifteen anglers competing for
the overnight Wacher Cup contested between 8pm and 8am on
Sunday morning.

Steve West won this season’s Cup with 79lb 13oz of bream and
four tench from the far end of Trenley Lake, narrowly beating Mick
Wilson from the same area of the ‘deeps’ who finished with
another excellent weight of 78lb 11oz.

The skies cleared from 10.30pm and the fish started to feed. Andy
King drew a peg in the middle of the ‘deeps’ to reel in 53lb 7oz for
third ahead of Colin Durman who fished from the Trenley
‘shallows’ for 42lb 10oz and fourth.

Last season Stour Lake hosted a few anglers with good weights
but this year Ian Ritchie with 5lb 6oz enjoyed the top weight from
that water. Phoenix Minter was the competition’s top junior with a
5oz roach.